Bye bye, Mr.Penguin!

When I first met him, we were competing in a Math competition back in 2001. I didn’t know his full name that time, but I couldn’t forget how did he look like: One expressionless kid, with fully-buttoned shirt and business-man bag. By the end of the day, I had strange feeling that perhaps I would meet him again in the future.

Of course I didn’t win that competition, by the way.

A year later, I met him again. Still the same kid with the same style. He’s still expressionless, and I knew that we wouldn’t get along well if we were classmates. Well, looks like the fact said otherwise cause we ended up being classmates for our whole life in high school.

I wasn’t wrong when I thought I can’t get along well with him. He’s one of the hardest person to understand that I’ve ever met. And it’s not like he cares with others think about him either, which sometimes frustrated me to no end, being a drama queen that I was.

But of course, as time passed, the situation changed.

The nine of us were stuck in the same class for two years, and as time passed, we grew closer. We relied on each other, and although some people say it less than others, I know that deep in their hearts, we’re best friends for life.

Mr. Penguin,

I wish you the best in everything. Your path will be bright wherever you go, cause you’re awesome (I can almost hear you saying, “Of course I am”) and all that.

By the way, just to let you know, give us a nudge when you’re coming to Singapore or home, yea? We will definitely need to catch up. And don’t forget to email us too. One or two every few months will be enough, just to let us know that you’re doing well over there.

Take care, Mr. Penguin. May the force of spoon be with you!

PS. We love you, but I guess you know that already 😉



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