Alhamdulillah it’s Monday!

Had a very bad morning due to lack of sleep. Recently Zal started to wake up very often at night, and he ALWAYS want to nurse for very long time. But I suspect it’s also due to my decreased supply this week. Well, what do you expect when Mrs. P starts her regular visit. Grawl.


So this morning. I woke up feeling groggy. And my morning pump only yielded like 3 oz, perhaps. It’s quite low for my standard 🙁 But I was still grateful. It’s enough for one feed for Zal.

Came to office feeling sleepy. But I needed to be at office. It’s Monday and if I don’t get my spirit up for work, I would be feeling lazy for the whole week.

My afternoon pumping session was not effective at all. I even fell asleep for like 10 mins while pumping! Apparently I was that tired I could even sleep while pumping. Oh dear.

So to cheer myself up, I went to Mr. Teh Tarik to get some tea. I walked slowly since I still felt so sleepy. By the time I reached the stall, they were almost closed (the sign said 6 pm). I ordered hot teh tarik, and while the guy made my order, he said to me,

“Take one curry puff! Free, on the house!”

While smiling.

Maybe he saw how I looked so tired, and exhausted. I just replied that I am OK, and thanks for the offer. But he insisted I took some anyway, so I eventually took one piece.

A curry puff and a warm teh tarik. It was just so soothing.


When I finally left office around 7 pm, I entered the elevator hurriedly cause I really wanted to reach home as soon as I could. As I entered the elevator, there were already two men inside – I guessed they are from office few floors above.

Not long after the elevator’s door closed, one of them asked me,

What’s Criteo?

I was silent for a few moment, cause I wasn’t really expecting that kind of question from a stranger. But then, he repeated the question and added another question,

How do you pronounce it?

So I started to explain to the guy of what kind of company Criteo is, how we specialise in performance ads, yada yada yada, until we finally were out of the building and reached the entrance of MRT station.

He said thanks and continued his steps towards other direction while I went to MRT station.

It felt nice to have a light conversation after a long day at work.


As I walked deeper into the station, I felt so much better than this morning.

Alhamdulillah, to be blessed with patience by Allah

Alhamdulillah, to be blessed with warm and nice people around.


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