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So the story is, Zal has outgrown his stroller. Our fault really, we didn’t really think of this when we bought the stroller a few months before I was due. All we could think of that time was that we wanted something light so it’s easier to be fold hence it’s easier for us to travel.

To be honest, we love our stroller. It’s light and serves its purpose. But yes, it looks very small, and the wheels started to wear off it’s getting very hard to control. And another thing is, apparently Zal has a very sensitive skin; something we only knew when he got eczema a month ago and the doctor told us to pay more attention to fabrics we used that touch his skin, e.g his stroller’s seat. And well.. we have to admit that its fabric is pretty rough.

After we knew about his sensitive skin, the more we need to find the new stroller. So Husband started browsing around based on our requirements:

  1. Sturdy
  2. 3-wheeled so it’s easy to control
  3. Doesn’t look too bulky
  4. Below 500 bucks
  5. Soft and comfortable fabric
  6. Big enough for Zal

I know that point (3) and point (6) may be hard to be fulfilled together since Zal is a pretty big boy now, and he will only be getting bigger and heavier. We may need to compensate one for another, but so far, we have few choices based on our lists.

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2


Yep, Quinny. The (seemed to be) the most popular brand when it comes to 3 wheeled strollers. It’s sturdy, it fits big babies, it looks like it has soft fabric, and it’s easy to control. Well, the problems are it’s quite pricey and it’s bulky. I and Husband don’t really like how it looks, to be honest. Which brings us to option number 2.

Baby Jogger City Mini


It looks quite similar to Quinny, but it’s slightly lighter than the former. I really like the full canopy as well. Husband really likes this one too. Not like other stroller’s brand, this one is not really a popular choice, and we could only see it on big baby shops or baby fairs (booohooo); makes it difficult for us to see it in real life.


So we decided to go with Baby Jogger. There’s a baby fair next month in Singapore and we are hoping that we could get one Baby Jogger there with a bargaining price. But first, we want to make sure that we are comfortable with the stroller. Off we went to search about where to buy this brand so we can test it out.

After some quick Google search, apparently, Motherswork is a well-known retailer for Baby Jogger. Hmm. OK. Looks legit though.

So a few weeks ago we were taking Zal out to Central and also to look for Motherswork outlet at Marina Bay Sands. We thought it’s going to be a big fancy store, at least with a size of Kiddy Palace store. But apparently, it’s just a tiny store with very limited displays of a stroller. And there’s not even one Baby Jogger model available there.

Thinking that perhaps their other branches would have the City Mini we are searching for, we went to check their Tanglin Mall branch – which is supposed to be its biggest outlet in Singapore.

Tanglin Mall is not located near any MRT station, and to be honest, it made me feel quite uneasy. I never like bringing Zal with a stroller, riding a bus. Cause buses in Singapore don’t allow a pram/stroller be taken inside without being folded. If Zal already understands what not to do, perhaps this is not really a big issue. But the boy just started to be able to walk and he just wants to go around to have an adventure, so it’s impossible to have him riding a bus without holding him – practically restricting him from going berserk.

Anyway, so we took a bus near Dhoby Ghaut MRT to reach Tanglin Mall. And after few stops, finally, we were there.

I was quite appalled.

The mall is really really small. It looks really old, and I almost couldn’t believe that this is the mall where expats are supposed to be shopping.

And worse, the Motherworks outlet there only have ONE Baby Jogger model, and it’s 4 wheeled, so we don’t even bother to try.

We went back home feeling tired and defeated. 💔


So until today, we haven’t been able to try Baby Jogger City Mini out. What is our plan now?

Well, for now, I am sticking to the Baby Fair. We’re going there on the second day and also for picking up my pre-order stuff (breast milk bags btw), and try to see if the City Mini is available. If it’s available, we can straight away put Zal in it and see if the boy looks OK.

Fingers crossed that this stroller is going to be able to last him until at least he’s 3 years old 🙏

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