Yellow Submarine and Art Cinnamon

Back to our weekend makan series! Well, I don’t intend to make it a series, but somehow we always end up eating out somewhere on weekend, so perhaps it’s good to have it documented as a series, lol.

So, this week we headed to Bugis Junction!

#1  Yellow Submarine

We didn’t really plan to eat here. We were hungry and looking for another option other than … Seoul Garden or Pasta Mania. I love both, but Husband is not. And no point of eating at a place we both don’t enjoy.

While we were looking for sort of food court, we spotted this veryyyy bright yellow stall near Twelve Cupcakes at Bugis Junction’s basement.


Verryyyyyy bright!

It looked like a fast food sort of type, so we were a bit hesitant. But we never tried this stall before, so why not?

We ordered the recommended one – Beef Yellow Submarine for Husband and Chicken Philly Submarine for me. Plus we ordered D-Radar (which suspiciously looked like prata)

We were a bit confused about what to expect actually, so while waiting for our order to be ready, we just sat and looked around.


That display on top lets you know if your number is up and your order is ready.


Tadaaa~ our … cheese fries (?) It comes with our meal set actually. That yellow cheese looks like something I usually see on KFC’s cheese fries. And it tasted the same as well, lol.


My Philly Submarine! OK, basically it’s a sandwich wrap, haha. But I like this! The meat is generous, the sauce is tasty, and not too many veggies! Haha. Yeah, I am not really into vegetarian :p

The disappointing part? This sad looking prata.


Hmgh? Seriously? 3.5 bucks for this crispy prata? I prefer to get the super big one at Srisun, thank you very much. And the taste is nothing to brag about either.


Total damage. Le sigh. Still bitter because of the miserable prata.

#2 Art Cinnamon

This is again found by accident xD While walking towards MRT station, Husband spotted a small stall selling cinnamon buns. So he was, “Is this Halal?”, then I quickly checked on MUIS website, and it is!

The regular size one is soooo big :O I don’t think we could finish them in one go. So we ordered a package of small ones 😀



These cost us 8.9 bucks. And they taste yummy too. Maybe not as much as Chewy Juniors (who sadly doesn’t have the plan to renew their Halal cert, boohoo), but still nice!

Great for midnight snacks :9


Been feeling pretty full after stuffing myself with the cinnamon buns, better go to sleep now!

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