Youkoso Tokyo : Where To Stay?

Once we’re done with the tickets, we’re rushing to book accommodation. First, we were looking for hotels around Tokyo. But most of them are either too far from the city or too small for a toddler to play around. And when we found one that’s perfect for us, the budget is waayy over.

So we decided to look for another option: AirBnb. A friend of mine once tried it when he was on holiday to Tokyo, and it wasn’t bad.

(Oh, btw, I super love AirBnB website! Sleek, clean, and super easy on the eyes!)

I never tried AirBnB before so this might be a good chance.

Husband is more excited than me for this trip, so he did a lot of searching for our accommodation. The thing is, he’s way too excited about this trip, I think. He only knows Shinjuku and Shibuya, so every time he came up with a new location of an apartment, he always asked,

“Is this place near Shinjuku or Shibuya?”

Haha, so cute. I need to explain to him several times that any place is OK as long as they are near any station in Tokyo. To be honest, I don’t really favor places near Shinjuku nor Shibuya. Knowing how busy those two stations are, I don’t think to stay near any of those two is going to cause a headache for people who need total silence when they are sleeping. *coughs Husband and Zal*

So after several rounds of searching, finally he came up with this place at Nishi-azabu. The price is quite OK as well. We paid around 900 dollars for one week stay. And after that, I found out that the house is actually quite near my ex-boss’ place. Haha.

Oh btw, these are our notes when we look for the house:

  • Family friendly neighborhood
  • Kids are allowed
  • Light cooking is allowed
  • Has at least two beds (cause I will be sleeping with Zal on one bed)
  • Near train station
  • Most importantly, no sharing with host/other guests.

Yeah, we are pretty private family. And light cooking is a must for us because although I and Husband have no problem eating outside, it’s not going to be always the case with Zal. So you know, in case he doesn’t want to eat anything from any restaurants/konbini, we can still cook something for him.

After several rounds (ok not really) of searching, finally we settled for this place:

The host is pretty nice. After we confirmed our payment, they sent us a pdf containing a detailed guide to their place. It’s near Roppongi station, and the neighborhood looks pretty okay.

Some things that are still questionable for me is it seems I can’t keep any food in the fridge. Well, it’s perhaps not suitable for Muslims like us.

We are planning to cook, so maybe bringing (or buying) some simple kitchen utensils from Daiso, haha. We’ll see.

Now, fingers crossed that the place is indeed OK.


Art Loft in Nishi-Azabu Central TKO

Check in : after 3 pm
Check out : after 12 pm
Booking fee from 20 Nov – 27 Nov : 909 SGD

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