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I seldom write about this, but a certain drama that I just finished watching tugs my heartstrings.

In that drama, the female lead ended up confessing her love to a very stoic boy instead of a boy who had stood up for her for the whole series. As a viewer myself, I felt disappointed seeing the ending because along the way, it didn’t feel like there’s a connection between the female and this stoic boy. Maybe it’s just a bad storytelling? I don’t know.

But then, something came to my mind.

A good friend of mine once said,

Love is all about timing.

And I can’t agree more on that because I also experienced the same thing few years ago. I had a very good and supportive guy friend who was always there whenever I needed ears to listen and encouragement to lift me up. And turned out, he had feelings for me as well.

But I ended up with another guy who didn’t even do all those things above. He was like the opposite of my friend. But I fell for him otherwise.

What’s wrong with that scenario? Wasn’t I suppose to end up with my supportive friend?

If only life is a predictable story (but yeah, that would be super boring).

Until now, I believe it’s all God’s plan. And I also believe it’s all about timing. When your heart knows that you’re ready to fall in love, it really matters who has the best timing to come into your life.

Back to the drama,

Yeah, perhaps we as viewers felt so cheated. In our perfect -and predictable- way of thinking, that girl MUST end up with the supportive guy! There’s no way it should be the other way around!

But hey, love is something mysterious. So many things we don’t know happening behind the scenes. And it’s all His plan.

So, conclusion?

Don’t fret if you see a drama with bad ending :p

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