… is powerful.

It suppresses your anger in a way you never thought it would be.

It calms you down and gives yourself some time to think.


OK yeah, I am not really good in writing poem or soothing words. So here it goes.

Today I am so angry. I am angry beyond words. And at the same time, I feel hopeless. I am angry and hurt because something that I really wish for is not being respected at all. And hopeless because deep inside my heart, I know that it’s -being respected- not going to happen. At all.

I could cry, of course. In fact, I felt like crying. But I didn’t.

Crying won’t solve anything. I know, I know. A lot of researches already said that crying can release the anger and frustration. But not for me.

Crying will just make myself more angry.

I considered to shout as well. Shouting at someone who made me feel this way. But I didn’t.

Shouting will just hurt my throat. And my pride.

So I did the only option I have.

Keep silent. 

Doesn’t mean that I lost my battle though. I am just doing it differently now. This means business. And stop messing with me.

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