As we stood there, remembering everything from all the way back.
My tears rolled down one by one, and yet you said nothing.
I understood, that your silence meant, “I am sorry.”
And I knew you knew, that my tears were “It’s time to say goodbye.”

Our memories were never meant to be our destination.
Our laughters and tears were never meant to be kept forever.
Our journey together was never meant to be continued.
And our future was never meant to happen in the same vow.

Hearts broke, smiles were gone.
We never really said it, but we just knew.
Our feelings slowly disappeared.
And we drifted away.

Phone calls started to feel dry.
And conversations turned cold.
The lines started to be blurred.
And we just weren’t sure where and what we had anymore.

And that’s why, we were THERE.
To give ourselves one closure.
To make sure everything is going to be fine.
And to give each other a pat in the back.

“Take care.”
“You too.”


I remember I wrote that poem above when I was pregnant with Zal. I was in the middle of a hormone roller coaster that even a mellow song lyrics can make me cry. Now that I think about it again, it was too melodramatic haha.

But, it’s a sweet memory. So, here I present to you one song that inspired this poem.

The feelings I’ve hidden still remain as a painful secret memory
The photos that can’t define our relationship is a heartbreaking story
I’m sorry, summer, now goodbye

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