Things I Love About My Husband

(brace yourself, this is going to be a post filled with sappy words and lots of compliments :p)

His patience is really something

If you know me, you know that I am a hot headed person. And luckily for me, Husband is the complete opposite. When I explode, he will just wait for me to calm down while listening to me ranting on and on. And his patience does not only apply to me. It also applies to everyone.

He rarely complains

You will never hear complains on small stuffs, even some big stuffs, from him. He said there are other things that need more energy and attention from us.

He’s a man of his words

When he promises you something, he will do his best to make it true. When he really can’t do it, he will let you know in advance and rest assured he will make it up to you.

He’s been nothing but supportive on every decisions I made

When I took my Master degree, whenever I was busy with classes and assignments, he took care of himself and he took care of me as well. When I went to Japan for my study, he never failed to cheer me up or even sent me cookies all the way from Singapore.

He eats whatever I cook

I am not a great cook, but whatever I cook, he always eats them. His favorite so far is my risoles with mayo!

He dotes on Zal ALL THE TIME

You think I am Zal’s biggest fan? Nope, sorry. This tiger mom here does not hesitate to glare at him if he makes me angry. But Husband? Whatever Zal does is adorable on his eyes.

He is a Math lover and overall a geek

Why do you think I fall for him at the first place?

He shares my love for manga and Sherlock

We often argued on who’s going to read newest edition of Conan first. He was the one who introduced me to Bleach and Yakitate Japan. And I can’t be with someone who doesn’t love Sherlock.

He always thinks the best of people 

Husnudzon, if you will. Sometimes this trait upsets me, but most of the time it amazes me. In a world like this, someone like him still exists. It’s like he’s a rare breed.

He’s the most handsome guy I’ve ever met

‘Nuff said.


There are other things that I think should be in this list, but let’s keep this one short and simple. Or otherwise some people would puke reading this, lol.

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