February ‘17

How on earth is already March?!

Two days back to work and I already need to take another childcare leave 🙁 Will perhaps write a separate post on the topic, but for now, please enjoy some pictures of Z and M from last month!


Isn’t this cute or isn’t this cute?!

And coincidentally, Husband wore the same exact pants, haha. In case you haven’t noticed, Z is the left one and M is the right one.


One fine morning, Z just climbed onto the bed I shared with M and just… continued to sleep. Gah, moments like this is totally worth having less sleep. I love both my boys so much!


Was playing with my phone and the kids looked camera ready.


Another not so fine morning, lol. The barrier was necessary cause Z is a kicker!


Z may have not noticed it yet, but M looks up to him so much. M adores Z so much as long as he’s not making noises :p

Asked Z to ‘sayang’ M and this is what I got <3


And while they still have no say on what clothes they are wearing, I bought them matching jackets! Hah.


Z has been so crazy about his story book lately. He always asks me/Husband to read the story for him that I think he knows the story by heart now. Again, M looks up to him so much that whatever Z was doing, M looks so interested!

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