My name is Fanny. I am a full time working mom of two adorable boys – named Zal and Malta. I am also a proud wife of a coder husband. Above all, I am just Allah’s servant.

I am a proud Indonesian who has been living in Singapore for a decade and now we are in Berlin.

I have been working as an engineer since 2011 – and loving it to bits! I am currently a support engineer for a Berlin-based start-up. Previously I was a solution engineer with a French ad-tech company and before that, I worked as a developer and software engineer specialized in mobile apps.

On my spare time, I read (a lot) and juggling life between feeding the whole house and keeping the house intact (it’s a tough job!). I am a fangirl that is also learning Japanese at the moment.

This blog is about my daily life with occasional ramblings and parenting troubleshooting. I used to write in English but I am trying to write more in Indonesian now. Do drop by – as I said, I won’t bite!

You can contact me here – or you can also check out my professional experience at my LinkedIn

See ya around!

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