For the hearts that were broken

I have lots of drafts sitting on my dashboard but I feel like I want to write something else. Something raw and is spoken from the very bottom of my heart. Something that my Husband told me that I was used to good at.

I don’t know what to call this post with, but since this post is dedicated to those whose hearts I’ve broken in the past — here’s to you.


Dear yous,

I honestly still smile fondly remembering the times we used to share together.
I still remember how we met.
I still remember how we became friends.
I still remember how we trusted each other.

Until the hearts broke.

When we realized that we were not just meant to be together.
When the flow of time stopped us from being the friends that we used to be.
When life took away what we used to cherish.

I am sorry.

That you got hurt.
That our friendship did not survive.
And for everything that I did — and didn’t.

I am sorry.

For not having courage to let you know.
For not having courage to pick up what’s broken.
For not having courage to send you another letter.

So this is for you.

To let you know that I once loved you dearly.
That to this day, I still hope that we can say hello to each other again.
That until now, I still pray that you are well.

And you finally have the love that you deserve.


From the one that is still your friend,

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