About social media recently

Ever since social media being the hip thing, everyone rushed into it like a flock. Share this, comment on that, etc. Then, people started to pour their life into their social media. Family events, what they are watching, what they are reading… to the point that they even pour their heart into social media.

Got in a fight with a friend but doesn’t want to mention his/her name without being too suspicious? No problem, just post ‘coded’ words on Facebook.

Want to bitch about parents who won’t give you more allowance to watch your favorite concert with friends? Simple, just throw cursing words on Twitter.

And the list goes on.

I even start to notice people posting about their significant others on social media. Whenever they are feeling unhappy about some things, they will just go on rampant on any platform they have.

And if I who’s an outsider can easily ‘decode’ what they are saying on social media, what’s with the person him/herself?

I wonder, why people bitch about their loved ones on such very public platforms? What happened with solving marital/couple problems internally?

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