Teppan-yaki and Srisun Express

When you live in Singapore, most of the time you would spend your time… looking for food 😀 Or in our case, HALAL food.

We’ve been pampered with a lot of Halal cafes and restaurant in Singapore, but most of them are already well known and more often than not, a fast food, e.g KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, etc.

So, I was soo happy when I found this Facebook group. It’s basically halal food oasis! LOL.

Last long weekend, I dragged my husband and Zal to two of the halal restaurants that I found from that Facebook group.

#1 Express Teppanyaki – NEX Serangoon

We only ever ate teppanyaki once in Singapore at one halal outlet in Kembangan. It’s no longer there now, so I welcomed this new halal Teppanyaki with open arms!


I ordered Sliced Beef with Garlic set. It’s pretty pricey for my standard, though. The whole set cost around S$12++, not including the drinks. Taste-wise, it’s delicious. The chili added some kicks! But if I want to go all Japanese, perhaps I’d prefer my meat to be sweeter than this. Haha.

#2 Srisun Express – 212 Hougang St 21

The next day, we went looking for something near our place at Hougang. Then I found this place which is around Kovan MRT – which is only one stop away from Hougang. When I checked out the location at gothere.sg, it looks pretty easy to find, but apparently, it’s not. And gothere.sg fooled me, fml. It said that I should take exit B from Kovan MRT, which we did – only to get lost and worst, it started to rain heavily when we tried to find our way to the place. Poor Zal who was a bit drenched 🙁

It turned out that we only needed to take exit C, and we’re only going to be like 10 mins walk from the place. gothere.sg is so fail these days 🙁

Anyway, when we reached the place and saw the menu, my stomach started growling like mad! The choices are plenty, and to be honest, all of their foods seem sooooo yummeh.


Fried rice US style – ordered by Husband. Ohh love the tanginess of the rice. The beef is so tasty as well!


And this is my Beef Fried Rice. Not as flavourful like Husband’s, but it’s still delicious! I finished this in less than 20 mins. Either I was so hungry, or the food was just too appealing, I felt like the portion is not big enough, lol.


This is Yakult Orange that Husband ordered. THIS IS SO GOOD, I am telling you! The slight hint of Yakult is combined with orange (juice?) taste, and it tastes sooo nice! Kinda like drinking orange milk but not as milky as milk, haha. Does that even make sense? I made a mental note to order one of these when we visited this place again.


And this is mine: Oreo Milk Shake. This one is good as well, not too sweet and not too watery, either. I like! Husband likes this one as well. But perhaps this is not a good drink choice after you finished a heavy meal since it can be pretty fulfilling. So, I suggest you order this only when you’re eating a light meal.

We also bought their Banana Prata. And although the portion is really generous, it’s nothing special. I still finished it on my own, hahaha.


There are still lots of Halal makan places we haven’t visited yet in Singapore. But too bad, most of them are at East side of the island 🙁 Oh well, we’ll make do with what we have now 😀

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