Random Things this Week

1. Went to Google Singapore office for the second time. And I still couldn’t find any halal food at their cafeteria! I found it really amusing cause even their receptionist is wearing a hijab like me.

2. Watched some random commercial, and found out that JKT48 has been crowned as Kid’s Favorite Act in Kid’s Choice Award. I was raising my eyebrow cause well … if it were my time, it would be people like Trio Kwek Kwek or Maissy.

3. Why are some parents insist to ‘stalk’ their children on any social media? Does it mean that they don’t trust their children? Or they feel like they need to know everything? Why?

4. Been drinking formula milk for breastfeeding mum to increase my supply. But so far, nothing is really showing 🙁 Oh well.

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