Zalman and Batman

The little guy just recovered from high fever – which turned out to be Roseola -few days ago. He looked like he’s a bit of bored at home, so we decided to bring him out for a little walk in the city.

He was not really in the mood, but he looked happier than at home. At Paragon, apparently, he felt healthy enough to join the crowd and played some mini cars.

Posing with Batman, “I am Zalman.”

“Look at me getting this thing rolling~”

“What are you looking at, Mama?”


After a few good minutes spent there, we headed to Es Teler 77 to grab some food – we missed Indonesian food!

While waiting for the food to come, Zal was busy playing with Husband.

Playing with Mama’s phone never gets old

And here’s Papa giving a smooch to Zal 🙂


Didn’t do many things during the weekend cause he’s still recovering, but whatever kind of weekend spent with family is always the best 🙂

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