Finish your bond first. Don’t try to run for it. Even though you can run now, Allah will ask for it in the Hereafter

That was Husband, sometime ago

One of the things that I admire the most from my Husband is how he always tries his best to keep his promises to anyone. You can be sure that once he promises something to you, he will fulfill it as best as he can.

Both of us were scholars when we were still undergraduates. Our scholarship requires us to work for the Singapore company for 6 years after we graduate. That sounds like a fair trade considering fully covered tuition fees, monthly stipend, and accommodation fee.

The thing is, 6 years is freaking long.

When we signed the contract, we didn’t think that it would feel THAT long. But as soon as we start working, we realized that to fulfill 6 years is … one hell of a sacrifice.

But of course, we know we have to do it no matter what. I would be lying if I never thought of just running away, like some of the other scholars do. But I am thankful for a constant reminder that is my Husband.

He just finished his bond this year, and now he’s just waiting for a formal letter. I, on the other hand, still have 2 more years to go. It doesn’t sound too scary, right? Two years is still acceptable, and I still want my second child to be born here anyway.

But then again,

I would be lying if I said I don’t hate people who run away from their responsibilities. I would be lying if I said I don’t look down upon them. I would be lying if I said I don’t despise what they choose.

To add more, if they’re just going to run away like that, I don’t think they deserve the scholarship at all. Like it or not, a scholarship is a contract. The government already did their part on sponsoring their study fully. And now when the government asks on your part, you are just going to run away like that?

Is that how you want to be seen by other country’s government? As someone who doesn’t know some manner and simply doesn’t know how to be grateful?

At times like this, my Husband’s word comforts me the most. Let Allah ask them about it in the Hereafter.

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