“I really… really like you…”

Ella heard the voice from behind her. Toby’s hands were slowly enveloping her in a back hug. And Ella could feel herself moving away. No.


“No,” she firmly said. And she felt like crying. I need him.

And then she left, half running.


Ella finally found the elevator. Harry was teaching a class at level 3.


And there was Toby, still chasing her. She contemplated to just use the stairs beside the elevator. But anyway.

“Ella, wait!”

Ella didn’t care. She just wanted to see Harry. She needed to see him. She felt like her chest was going to explode. She didn’t know how to explain it, but she knew seeing and hugging Harry would make her feel better.

“Stay away, Toby,” Ella finally said, still waiting for the elevator to come.

Toby froze. “Ella, I thought you like me too.”

“No, I don’t. And I will never like you. You should know that we’re friends, and I love Harry with all my heart.”

“I know you have Harry, but I thought—”

“That I am going to leave Harry for you? No, I won’t. I will never leave him for anyone else.”

The elevator door opened. Ella rushed in, and Toby didn’t chase her.

It only took a short time for her to reach level 3, and when she finally did, she dashed to the classroom where she finally found Harry.

There he was. Standing in front of the class. It looked like they were just about to finish since everyone started to clean up their desk.

Harry noticed him from inside, and he half smiled. Ella tried to smile as well, but she was pretty sure her face denied her. She knew that her tears were going to drop soon.

And Harry saw it.

He left his desk instantly and walked through the door.

“Are you ok?” He asked with concern when he was finally standing in front of her.

Ella shook her head. She’s always honest with Harry.

“What happened?” He asked again.

Ella fell silent. Harry had been right all along. He was right when he told her not to be too kind to Toby. He was right when he told her to keep her distance. But Ella being Ella, of course she ignored all of them. And she paid the price.

“Can I just hug you?” Ella replied.

And then and there, Harry knew. “Come.”

Ella hugged him. And then her tears came. “Harry….,” she sobbed.

Harry hugged her tight.

Ella suddenly felt safe. She’s still scared, but she knew she would get better soon.



Yes, I had another weird dream moment. I woke up feeling so sad that I couldn’t help feeling like writing this down. I don’t know who I am sad for. Ella, Harry, or even Toby? I just knew I felt so heartbroken and scared.

Writing these weird dreams has been therapeutic so far, and maybe one day I will manage to make them as one story? Perhaps.

OK, off to work.

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