At The Beach


Jun released Mao from his embrace. Her clothes were dump from the water.

Mao shivered. “Samui….,” she told while putting both of her hands on her sleeves. The wind blew quite hard even though it was a sunny day. She couldn’t believe how cold the weather was despite the beauty of the beach.

“What about me, then?” Jun smirked while ruffling his wet hair, and for a second, Mao thought that her heart stopped beating. “I have to swim again after this.. and the weather is not really helping right now..,” he told while looking at the sea. “How long do you think we’ll have to take this scene?”

Mao gulped. She couldn’t let her eyes stop wandering the scene in front of her. What’s with that chest being so perfect now? And she imagined when he hugged her just before.. The warm of his body, the husky voice of him, they all made her melted like a puddle inside.

“Inoue-san, you’re also wet,” a personal assistant approached her from behind, and Mao startled. “Kore, use this please.”

“Ah, arigatou,” Mao smiled while took the white thing from the PA’s hand. It was a bath robe.

Jun smiled again. “Put that on. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”. He put his hand on her hair and pat her head softly.

Mao looked at him. “How about you?”

“Hey I’m not that weak,” Jun laughed. Again, water dripping from his wet hair distracted Mao’s mind. “Seriously, put that on. You’re shivering, Mao.”


Jun sighed. Mao always like this. “ Here, let me do that.”


And before she realized, Jun took the bath robe from her hand, and wrapped it around her. He straightened the robe before looking at her face. He laughed a bit. Mao felt warm suddenly. And it was not only because of the bath robe.

“Feeling better?” he asked, while touching her hair slowly.

Mao nodded. She blushed a bit. It was a very lovely face. Jun lowered his head.

“White really suits you,” he whispered. “Can I ask you to wear that color on our next date?”

Mao punched him playfully. “You always take advantage of me,” she whispered back.

“But you love me, don’t you?” Jun kept playing with her hair.

Mao lifted her head. “I don’t have to answer that,” she replied. “And stop doing that with my hair, people would notice!”

“Yes you do have to answer,” Jun said. “And I do think people would notice, because I think just now I saw a camera flashed on us.”

“Oh no!” Mao gasped. This would be a trouble. Next the rumour would start, people would talk, and soon they would not be able to be together again. Mao cringed with the thought of that. She didn’t want that to happen. She wanted to be with him.

“Forget that for now, we will take care of that later,” Jun touched her cheeks. He didn’t really care about anything at that moment. He only saw Mao.

“Now what’s your answer?”

Mao smiled. Her blushing face made Jun fall in love again and again.

“Later. When I wear the white color that you like, on our date.”

“Inoue-san, Matsumoto-san, please get ready for the next take!”

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