To My Boy, From Mama

Dear Zal,

As I am writing this, you are watching Youtube clips on iPad – sitting not far from me. You are completely unaware that today is your birthday. You are now 2 years old.

Honestly, I thought I have a lot to say on your 2nd birthday, but now it feels …. not that many anymore.

Let’s see.


I am really grateful that you’re growing up healthy. Some fevers here and there, some trips to A&E – but overall you never had really major problems. Some bumps on the head and knees, but hey, you’re a boy – I better be prepared for more of that in the future.

You are not really a big eater – but you’re a snacker. You love snacks. Thankfully you are also good with fruits – to be specific, banana and orange. I am still waiting for the day you will love other fruits, but until then it’s already really good 🙂

OK, Zal. Now onto some serious stuffs I want to say. I know that you are not going to understand them until you are a bit older, but I want to keep this here so you know that I always think about you.


Keep your ibadah always. Pray in time, read Qur’an daily. They will be your saviour in this world and the Hereafter. And please keep us in your prayer. There’s nothing we hope more other than shaleh children who always think of us in their prayer.

Be kind, be kind, be kind. People may do evil things to you, and you may want to take revenge on them if you have chance, but whenever you have that thought, be calm and take a step back. Remind yourself that being kind will always make you a winner. Cherish your friends and treat them well. Respect the elderly no matter how stubborn you think they are.

Keep your curiosity alive. Keep reading. Keep asking questions. Keep looking for the right answer. I may not always be able to answer whatever you have in mind, but we can always discuss, and we will find the answer together. Let’s keep seeking knowledge – for it will lead us to the right path.

Do a lot of exercise. Keep yourself healthy. Drink a lot of water and fruits. Snacks are OK sometimes, but don’t make it your daily meal. It’s not healthy.

Be generous, but remember to save. Don’t forget your zakat. Don’t forget to have your Hajj saving. Make your monthly budget and spend wisely. It’s ok to have some leisure at times 🙂

If you have siblings in the future, remember that you will be their big brother. They will look up to you. You will be one of their role models. Remember to be a good one.


You will find obstacles in the future. There’s no life without test. But you will always have us. If you have any troubles, but you think you can’t talk to us, it’s ok. We will wait until you are ready to talk. Just don’t keep them inside for too long. We are here to listen, and perhaps we can suggest a solution. Don’t ever think that we won’t be supportive of your life choices – as long as it’s not something that is prohibited as a Muslim. We will always have your back.

And lastly.

Whenever you are in doubt of something, think about what Allah and our Prophet want us to do. Choose that way, and NEVER look back.


Happy birthday, Zal. May Allah always blesses you with His barakah and keep you in His way.

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