Z’s antics (1)

My first born continues to entertain me with his antics and silly stuffs. Sometimes I am scared I will forget whatever he’s saying so I think, “Why not just write them on my blog?!”



Z: “Where’s the iPad??”
Me & Husband: 😱😱😱
Z: *cried*
Z: *hugged me*
Me: “Ask Papa. Say, please Papa.“
Z: *moved to Papa’s side and then hugged Papa*
Husband: “So clever when he has something he wants…”

And then Husband got up, held Z, and took the iPad from study room 😂😂 I swear we are so cheap and easy when it comes to Z and his puppy eyes.


Z: “Hat!” *pointed to a girl wearing hat sitting beside him at MRT*
Me: “Yes, she is wearing hat.“

When we reached our destination..

Z: “Bye bye Hat!” *waved at the girl*


Me: “Let’s turn off the light, ok?” *switched off the light*
Z: “Wow, amazing!“


Z: *played with Lego, building something random*
Z: *put one of his car toys in a hole on the Lego building*
Me: “Wow, so atas! For me it’s only ‘car park’”
Husband: *laughs*

Our landlord is here this weekend with her mother. Both of them are looking quite old for Z I guess, because the moment he saw them..

Z: “It’s Grandma!”



Z: *points to his Papa that is sleeping*
Z: “Papa is sleeping!”
Me: “Yes, Papa is sleeping.”
Z: “SO CUTE!!”


*M woke up crying*
Z: “Mama, dedek is crying!” *pointed to the bedroom door*


*M was sleeping in the bedroom with door closed*
*M cried*
Z : “Mama, dedek is crying!” *ran from living room to bed room*
Z : *knocked on the door* “Hellowww?”


That’s all for part (1), haha. Pretty sure we are going to have more in the future as he keeps blabbering nonsense.

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