Blasts from The Past

I have been thinking to write something like this because I am such a sucker when it comes to nostalgia.

Being a 90s kid, I am part of big changes. Kids these days won’t know some of the struggles we faced 10 years ago. Hmm actually they were not struggles lol- they were ordinary stuffs in my time. I am going to jot down things I remember from my childhood and teenager era for memory sake 😉

Ah, feeling so Blue right now (geddit?)

Back in 2003, I listened to this album on repeat every single day. I played this during our road trip back to Dad’s hometown till the whole family got sick of listening lol.

This album is precious to me cause this is Blue’s last album before they disbanded for few years. And because the year this album came out marked the same year of the start of my relationship with Husband.

I was such a drama queen and hopelessly in love that listening to this album made me even more mellow back then LOL.

Which somehow brings me back to this…


Do kids these days even know about this thing?? 😂😂😂

The struggle of finding the start of the particular song that we wanted to listen. The pain of rewinding the tape. The cover that comes with it that usually contains the lyrics to the whole album.

Heyyyy, old friend.

Anyone still remembers the times we rely on this machine to talk to our crush? No? Just me? 😳😳

I still remember when my Dad brought me to telco office one day and when it’s done, he showed me a slip and pointed at some numbers, “That’s our home phone number”

I was soooo excited! Omg we are really going to have a phone line at home! I finally can give a phone number to my friends! I can finally start calling my friends after school!

Haha. Sorry for the over excitements.

Our family was not so well off back then and having a phone was a luxury!

But Dad firmly told us that the phone is going to be locked all the time and we can only receive a call when Dad/Mum was not at home. There goes my dream of having a chat with friends over the phone. Well, to be fair, I didn’t know that phone call is costly 😁

Anyway, this kind of phone brings so many memories!

Calling your crush be like…

You: Hello, can I speak to A please?

Someone who’s not A : Let me check.

Someone who’s not A : Sorry, he’s not at home. You want to leave a message?

You: Oh ok, no thank you.

*both lines are closed*

Actually, I remember one time when a boy called our home and asked for my sister, my sister quietly told me to tell the boy that she’s not home 😂

She managed to dodge the boy several times using this technique lol. You can’t do this with a mobile phone!

On the other hand, there’s no privacy when it comes to the fixed line. So it’s a trade-off.

Ok ending the blast from the past post abruptly lol. I will add more if I remember more. 😁

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