Week 5 – Tadpole!

Dear baby,

It’s the start of your 5th week inside my belly. You’re still so small now. A lot of websites say that you look more like a tadpole rather than a baby. But you’re such a cute tadpole, I know it 😀

As for me now, I feel nothing different. Of course, morning sickness starts coming in. Just today, at lunch, I feel like wanting to vomit when I saw rice at my favorite stall. Baby, I can’t eat rice 🙁

I don’t know why I can’t eat rice. I just feel sick when I imagine eating it. I hope you’re still okay inside, Baby. Your grandma said that it was the same when she was pregnant with me; she can’t eat rice either for 3 months. But thankfully, Mommy was born healthy.

Baby, people also say you already have your heart beat by now. I am so excited to think about that. I want to hear your heart beat. I want to see how you grow inside. Are you doing okay? Is Mommy eating right? Am I eating enough?

But of course I still need to be patient. Still 3 more weeks to go for us to be able to see you. By that time, you will hopefully be 8 weeks old. I can’t wait.

PS. A lot of my friends say that you’re going to be a boy based on what they see from my behavior so far ie. Mommy loves sour food. A boy or a girl you will be, I will still love you the same.

PPS. I already have a name prepared for you since years ago. I hope you like it by the time you are born!

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