Hoka Hoka Bento

Just now I talked to Mama about this chain restaurant in Indonesia named Hoka Hoka Bento. They’re pretty famous for they  were the first fast food restaurant that introduced Japanese food. Well that’s as far as I know lol.

So apparently Hoka Hoka Bento (or Hokben, for short) just increased their prices up to 60,000 IDR for a set of meals. Woot, that’s pretty expensive if you asked me, for a set of meal of rice, beef/chicken, lousy salad, and another fried nuggets.

Actually I pretty like Hokben, for another reason of course.

When I was a teenager (damn, that sounds so long time ago), my allowance was only enough to buy canteen food. If I saved enough, I probably can afford McDonalds or KFC on weekend along with movie tickets. But that’s very rare to happen cause being a bookworm that I was (and still am), I chose to save my money to buy comics lol.

But I digress.

Back to Hokben, so years ago, their meal was quite expensive. I think it was about 20 or 30 thousands IDR per set. Of course I could not afford it. Did I want to try their meal? Sure, but asking my parents to eat there was pointless and like I said I was stingy with my allowance x)

Until one day back in 2002, a certain someone celebrated his 16th birthday and he invited some of his friends to have a meal at Hokben.

I was totally freaking out.

I’ve never been to a (so-called) Japanese restaurant before so obviously I didn’t know how to eat the food there aka I was a chopstick idiot.

Last thing you want to do in front of your crush is to look stupid when he treats you on his birthday.

And I just knew that we were going to Hokben when we arrived. Obviously no time to do some research how to use chopsticks (google didn’t really exist back then).


I sort of managed to eat with chopsticks. Although I am pretty sure I used it wrongly, but meh, I figured as long as I didn’t drop the food while eating…

Now I am quite a pro of course. Not to mention that we (me and the birthday guy) went back to Hokben again several times after that x)

Okay, need to go. Baby is crying.

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