A Walk To Remember (Fondly)


Cheesy title is cheesy, yea? :p

Earlier this day, I read a TBT article of some celebrities posted their throwback pictures. One of them is Mandy Moore posting her old picture when she was filming A Walk To Remember.

She looks gorgeous in her prom dress in that movie, btw. And to be honest, still, looks gorgeous until now.

And that picture certainly threw me back to my sweet memories as well 🙂

Back in 2002,

13 years ago, I was a senior at junior high school. When the movie was out, I was still a broke 15-year-old teenage girl who preferred buying books than movie tickets, so although the hype of the movie was everywhere, obviously I didn’t have enough money (or interest) to go see it on theatre.

I wasn’t into romantic movie either – or movie in general. I was so invested in books that I barely paid attention to movies or tv shows. So, yeah, the movie passed me by just like that.

The one I remember about this movie was actually a memory about two of my friends. They were a couple back then. And to be honest, I can’t remember what made me got close with them. But anyway, that’s another story I need to dig inside my brain next time.

So yeah, where was I? Oh right, the couple. Let’s call him Miss A and Mr D. So, Miss A and Mr D were a couple that likes to do all those couple stuff, e.g watching a movie. It’s easy for them cause Mr D got a bike. I remember one day when we were hanging out with our other friends, Miss A gushed about how nice “A Walk To Remember” is, and how she was going to see the movie for the third time! O.o

All I could think about was,

“Whoa, so rich!”

A few months later,

I was busy with my high school orientation and running around with my Mom, preparing things to bring on my first day to school. I was so excited! I was already sorted to an A-list class and I got a feeling that my high school era is going to be awesome! (boy, how naive was I…)

In the midst of those busy times, one song that kept appearing whenever I go was Mandy Moore’s “Cry”, which is one of A Walk To Remember’s soundtrack. The song is so catchy, plus Mandy Moore and Shane West looked so beautiful together in the music video (don’t judge me, I am weak towards pretty couple).

Fast forward to 2004,

I was in Bandung; busy with my NTU entrance exam and missing my boyfriend badly. And somehow, I ended up with a copy of A Walk To Remember movie on some weekend.

Maybe I was bored with my studying, hence out of blue moon I decided to watch it.

By the end of the movie, I was crying a bucket.

Maybe it was the hormone, or whatever, I just knew that time why Miss A said it’s such a good movie. Screw the ratings, I re-watched the movie again and again, and yeah, ended up crying almost every time.

That’s when I knew I have found the movie of my teenage era.

And now in 2015,

I still love the movie. I still smile like an idiot whenever I saw Landon and Jamie holding hands for the first time. Still cheering Landon when he protected Jamie from his bully (ex) friends – and still get the chills when I saw how Landon proposed to Jamie.

It’s everything a teenage girl would dream of. (Well, except the dying part). And me, being a mom in my late 20s, would love to go back being a teenager sometimes.

A Walk To Remember is indeed something to remember fondly 🙂

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