Heart Wrenching Songs

I am pretty sure everyone has one or two songs they can relate to when they are in pain or having a broken heart. Well, (former) drama queen here has her own fair share as well.

Back when I was in my teenager mode and early 20s, these songs I am gonna list below were my go-to places whenever I was in need of some spaces to cry and just let everything out. Not gonna say what used to make me cry though, but y’all know what were they I guess x).

So, without further ado~

“My Immortal” – Evanescence (2003)

This song is basically my emo theme song. There was no time I didn’t cry when I heard this song blasting through my old tape. This song made me a fan of Evanescence until now (although they keep releasing below-standard materials sobs).

My story with this song? I cried during the last chorus cause I kept thinking on how I was really alone even though I was surrounded by people that I care about. It was such a sad era for me, and I blame hormones for that!

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone
But though you’re still with me
I’ve been alone all along


“Everytime” – Britney Spears (2003)

Ah, Britney-Justin breakup anthem.

To be honest, when I first listened to it, there was nothing special about this. It’s good, of course, but let’s admit it, there was nothing bad coming out from Britney circa 2003-2004.

But when I was in the middle of depression after not passing NTU and NUS examination back in 2004, this song was my outlet to let the tears came out. And after that, I would feel so much better. Although there was one occasion when I had an entrance test and I was crying my eyes out listening to this song on my headphone.

(Luckily I passed the entrance test, whew -_-)

And everytime I try to fly I fall,
without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby


“Broken Vow” – Lara Fabian (1999)

I have a confession to make. I was a big fan of Meteor Garden. Both me and my sister, we both LOVED to watch it together. I remember one time when I was watching the season 2 with my sister, we both cried silently when the girl was forced to leave the guy she loves. And at that time, the song that was played was this Lara Fabian’s.

I associated this song with a broken heart caused by a broken vow. And sad to admit, I experienced similar one back in 2007. I bawled my eyes out; and this song helped me to let everything go.

I’ll let you go
I’ll let you fly
Why do I keep asking why
I’ll let you go
Now that I found
A way to keep somehow
More than a broken vow


“Why (Are We Still Friends)” – 98 Degrees (2002)

(I am surprised that this song has no official MV!)

98 Degrees. One of those bands that was part of my teenage hood :’) I may sound like a broken record now, but I love these guys to bits! Their songs are so my style and listening to them was enough to make me all smile and dreamy.

This song though, was not one of them.

I was once being placed in a ‘friend zone’ area. I was not just a friend, but I wasn’t a lover either. It was confusing and heart breaking at the same time. It’s like we were almost there but we would never be there anyway.

And at the same time, you have to realize that you have to be ready to let him go. Because you may not be the perfect person for him.

I would hate for you to find somebody new
Who you really love, cause it would mean losing you
But am I a fool girl not to say
If I’m always scared I’ll lose you anyway


“Gravity” – Sara Bareilles (2007)

Those moments when you want to forget someone, but you just can’t. And no matter how strong you try to portray yourself, you just keep being drawn. Deeper and deeper.

Need I say another word?

Set me free, leave me be.
I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I’m supposed to be.
But you’re on to me and all over me.


Writing this made me shed a tear or two all over again :’) Ah my sweet and painful memories, why are you so precious? :’)

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