23 months old

Hi, baby!

Opps, are you still a baby now that you’re 23 months old? 🙂

Yes, you’re just one months away from becoming 2. I won’t say again how fast time flies because it really does and I may sound like a broken record now.

Here are your milestones in case you want to rewind your childhood in a flash:

You LOVE singing

Especially alphabet song. You sing it like 20 times a day. And you will be so happy if people join and sing with you. Other songs that you really like are:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • The Lion and The Unicorn
  • Pelangi Pelangi
  • Bintang Kecil
  • Rainbow Song

You look so happy whenever you sing. Your big grin and happy voice really light up the house. I am pretty sure you get the gene from me :p

Colors are your new friend

I think it’s due to your love for Rainbow song. You’re now so in tune with colors. You know which one is red, green, etc. You even know which one is ‘pink’! But your favorite color is definitely purple. I can already sense it.

Bread is your food to go

It’s even something that you prefer rather than actual food. Haha. Forgive me for instilling this to you. I think it’s because you saw me eating bread every morning, and then you wanted to have a bite, and eventually now it’s becoming a routine for you to eat bread every morning.

You still love orange. I believe your love affair with orange is not going to end soon.

Brushing your teeth is something you hate

OK, honey. This is not good. I don’t want to have this kind of battle with you every morning of you screaming your lungs off when I show you your tooth brush. You have to brush your teeth every day!

Your vocabulary grows a lot!

Now it’s so easy for you to repeat anything that we say.

It’s difficult to keep track on your new words since you are absorbing everything so fast, but some of your new vocabularies are:

  • Lampu – lamp
  • Gewap – dark (you usually say this when we turn off the lamp before going to bed)
  • Cold
  • Woti – bread.
  • Kipas – fan
  • Banana
  • Train
  • etc

You don’t enjoy large crowd

Oh how much you resemble us. We know that it is only a phase, but right now you are comfortable with small circle. 1-2 friends are okay with you – you can still play and laugh with them. But once the crowd becomes bigger, you got so afraid that you stick to me like a mochi. Few times we brought you to a crowded playground and you didn’t even want to touch the floor. While when we bring you to the playground near the house with only few friends, you refuse to go back until you’re getting tired.

You start to love book

Loving book doesn’t come early for you. I admit, I was a little upset because I want you to love book – but then, who am I to dictate what you should like?

But this month, whenever I start reading book to you, you listen attentively and often you grab the book from me cause you want to see the pictures on your own. You are still not showing interest on your own, but it’s ok, honey. We’ll get there 🙂


It’s beyond amazing to see how you far you have grown. It reminds me that time is catching up – your characters start to show and I realize that soon we are going to have a boy in this house, not just a baby anymore :’)

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