Hello Baby!

We had been planning to have another child since Zal turned 21 months old. We figured the age gap is just nice and I was just about to finish his right of having breastmilk for full 2 years, alhamdulillah.

I fully know that the right to give us another child is His only, but as human, we of course need to give the best we could.

And thus, March came.

Lo and behold!

07.03.16 | 12 DPO | 8 PM

DAVID Pregnancy Test Kit

I almost couldn’t believe what I saw in this cheapie. The second line was super faint but it’s there! Husband was pretty skeptical though, so he didn’t really think seriously about this.


But as a woman, sometimes you know if something is real although it’s just from your guts. So I decided to follow my guts, and tested again the next day.

08.03.16 | 13 DPO | 8 pm

Cheapie from internet

!!!! The second line is really there!!


I wasn’t satisfied yet with the result since my period was not due yet, hahaha.

09.03.16 | 14 DPO | FMU

Guardian cheapie ones

Oh yes, I hate Guardian test with passion. It gave me negative the day before! So I decided I would test on one. And tadaaaa, another second line.

I was on my way to become a POAS (pee on a stick) addict.


And yes, if you know the TTC (trying to conceive) world, you would not be surprised that nothing is confirmed until you got it Clear Blue-d.

10.03.16 | 15 DPO | FMU

Clear Blue and Clear Blue Digital

Blue dye test is apparently not popular with most moms, because it’s said that the dye can run off (??) causing false negative or even false positive. One of the reasons why I bought another expensive digital to confirm the result.

Another positive line and “Pregnant, 2-3 weeks”.

Ok, that’s enough :’) And besides, pregnancy test is not that cheap, haha.


I know a lot of couples out there that are struggling to get pregnant so both I and Husband are truly grateful for this 2nd opportunity. May Allah always blesses us with patience and barakah. Looks like our journey begins again 🙂 Alhamdulillah, ya Allah.

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