What my boys said

I posted this status on my Facebook few days ago – due to being annoyed of someone’s comment.


And then, someone commented on it, basically telling me to not be too temperamental (he’s just joking, I guess).

Then I asked Husband.

Me: “Sayang, is it true that I am too temperamental?”
Him: “Of course you are. I would be lying if I said you are not.”

My husband, ladies and gentlemen. Always being honest.


I was eating popcorn when Zal came to me and asked for some. He’s never eaten popcorn before so I knew he was curious on what it tastes like.

Spotting the opportunity, I taught him the name of the food he wanted.

Me: “Popcorn.”
Zal: “Peckcorn,”
Me: “No, not ‘peckcorn’. Try this ‘pop’”
Zal: “Pop”
Me: “Corn.”
Zal: “Corn.”
Me: “Popcorn.”
Zal: “Peckcorn.”
Me: -_________-

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