“Papa, papa!”

Reached home. Rang the bell. *ding dong*
Zal opened the door.
Zal: “Mama!”
Me: “Halo, sayang!”
Zal: *looked behind my back*
Zal: “Where is Papa?”
Me: “Papa is not home yet.”
Zal: “Papa is away!”


Played on bed before bed time.
Zal: “Where is Papa?”
Me: “Papa is still outside.”
Me: *opened room door*
Zal: “Papa! Time to sleep!!”


Played at study room while his Papa is doing something on laptop.
Zal: “Papa!”
Husband: “Yes?”
Zal: “Be careful, Papa!”
Zal: *knocked down some suitcases we put at study room*


People said that a mother is a boy’s queen, but I found out recently that for my boy, his Papa is truly his hero 🙂

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