Week 31

Heartburn is coming back – like an old friend who shows up uninvited. And it’s so annoying like hell. I found myself often gagging for unknown reasons. And bleargh, so disturbing.

Nesting instinct has started kicking in – and to be honest I kinda like it. We need to move house again (ugh) next year so I really need to sort out stuffs that we don’t really use anymore to make the moving easier. Just thinking about the amount of stuffs we need to pack is already giving me minor headache and unfortunately, we will have to move out when baby A is about 1.5 months. Good luck to us.

Things aren’t so bad at work but not so good either. Too many issues popped out and with the level of tolerance I have at the moment, I haven’t responded well on stress. I am trying my best to balance everything but it has been a challenge so far.

Braxton Hicks is starting to come as well. Baby A is still active inside, but it’s only a matter of weeks until he’s running out of space to kick and move around. My belly is getting bigger and it’s getting more heavier to carry baby around. I am getting tired faster than before – that’s expected. Zal is still demanding my attention and I haven’t even done weaning him off (do not judge, people) so add that to things that exhaust me.

OK, what else…

Helper is going off in two weeks – for the whole month. We have some things to iron out while she’s away cause with me being 8 months pregnant, there are things that I am not being able to do (mostly house chores). Mom will be here of course, but we don’t expect her to do any house chores. Come on, she’s my mom. Her coming to help us with Zal is already good.


That’s all for 31 weeks I guess. We are having the last detailed scan next week and hopefully my placenta is not blocking the birth canal – otherwise I would be screwed.

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