November ‘16

If you haven’t known by now, I love stars. And their exotic yet meaningful names. That’s why I named my first born ‘Aldebaran’.

When I got pregnant for the second time and it’s a boy again, I was happy cause then I will be able to name him with another favorite star of mine, ‘Altair’.

Having two boys are exhausting, but the bond that they are going to have is going to be amazing, I am sure of it. As someone with younger sister, I can assure you that even though I no longer talk often with my sister, she’s still my best friend.

I have a Facebook album dedicated for Aldebaran and Altair, but I thought I will also have a regular entry for them – just to remind me of all the silly things and pictures they have.

Here’s for first instalment in November!




Here’s their first picture together. Right after I came back from hospital 🙂 The quote from Harry Potter’s Prisoner of Azkaban seems appropriate for them lol.



Can you believe that I straight away went out of the house as soon as I was discharged? Haha. But for a good reason though. My glasses started to bug me and I can’t function without it. I didn’t have time to have it repaired before I gave birth so I got no choice. Emergency, ok? Anyway, this picture was taken at Swensens! I was craving for their ice cream badly. I love this picture a lot. Zal looked so happy and looking at them sitting side by side is just pure cute!



A lot of people told me that Zal and Malta kinda look alike – so I grabbed one of Zal’s old picture when he was only few days old and put it side by side with Malta’s picture. Well.. aside from the lip and the eyes, I don’t see anything alike at all lol.



My favorite picture of the month! They were having afternoon nap and can I say I just love that even though they are not facing each other but their similar poses just make it up? No? Just me? OK 😂



BabyPics app has some serious legit doodle, haha. I love this as well cause duh, it’s so true 😝

I love Malta’s cute baby fat here. Look at those cheeks! Although Zal’s pose is a bit questionable haha. I need to put some pillows in between them cause Zal is a kicker!



Last picture of the month. Malta got his head shaved so I took a chance to again compare his picture with Zal’s old picture – and now I can see the similarities!

Strikingly, their big heads 😅

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