December ‘16



Ever since M has been having trouble sleeping (i.e jerk motion), it’s getting very hard to get them photographed being sleeping together. I think this is one of the very few that is presentable (and Instagrammable lol) I managed to capture.



I was doing something on my laptop while accompanying sleeping M when suddenly Z came to the room. He just came back from playing outside.

Z looked tired and he climbed onto the bed. I stroke his hair few times and within minutes, he fell asleep.

Best view I had all day ❤️



Z is always a very kind hearted boy – it’s just that he hasn’t found a gentle way to show that personality of him. But this one..

There’s a heartwarming story behind this picture.

Due to his blocked tear duct condition, M was prescribed with wipes to clean the discharge from his eyes. Z watched several times when we used the wipes.

That night, Z asked if I wanted some tissue. I said no, but he still went out to take some (I thought). And when he came back, he had M’s wipes with him. “Baby. Tissue.”

He really cares about his brother :’)



Because I have a brother, I’ll always have a friend.

– Unknown

I asked Z to hold his brother’s hand and although he did it while watching TV, my heart was warm.



This was taken a bit forced haha. They were both just finished with their bath and I put Z besides M so I could take a picture where they both are clean and smell good.



Z can be so fascinated with his brother sometimes. He likes to touch his brother’s face whenever Z makes some weird sounds.



One no-so-quiet night. Surrounded by my boys. I have a blessed life.



My dates on New Year’s Eve. None were paying attention to me somehow haha.

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