Why I can’t ever be a professional blogger

Nowadays, every time I read people’s blog, it seems like everyone has their own niche. Some focus on parenting, others choose cooking, and the rest are choosing whatever they think they are doing best.

Based on what I read, they think it will help them target the correct readers and perhaps, correct sponsors to help them in monetizing their blog. Being a professional blogger.

Nothing is wrong with that, haha. But I just think it’s boring.

Don’t throw shoes at me yet, you niche bloggers out there :p I have my own reasons to feel what I feel.

Maybe it’s because I started blogging when people were only started blogging too. I had my very first blog back in 2006. Around that time, people were blogging because they wanted to have their own online diary. The contents were so random – ranging from what they were doing in class, what kind of tv series they were watching, and so on. One even wrote about how she was watching a football match while studying for her exams (hi Puty, remember this?)

It’s just their daily lives.

And yet, that what makes me think their blogs are interesting. They are real, raw, no sponsored posts whatsoever.

I didn’t even care about how they design their blog, what kind of hosting they are using, what URL they are having, etc. I just like their real stories – and that’s what makes me keep coming back for more.

Present time, it’s like everyone wants to have their own online magazine or book. All of those articles with tiny little details (grammars that are being nazi-ed to the tiniest little sentences, carefully curated photos, etc), and usually it ends with this kind of sentence: “What do you think? Let’s share in the comments!”. I don’t know you, but for me, it’s pissing me off. Why do you even need my comments? A way to push up your rank in SEO? I will admit that as a reader, I feel like I am being used.

If you argued that by writing about something, the blogger is actually giving you knowledge or recommendation – and asking for comments are actually your way of giving thanks to the blogger… no offense, but if I need knowledge/recommendation, I will go to the experts who really know what they are talking about.

I will be honest, I stop reading someone’s blog when I catch a lot of sponsored posts and too many reviews. I am not interested in what you are sponsored to talk about and review. I am reading your blog because I want to know you, and your lives.


I tried you know? I tried to choose my own niche as well, but it just doesn’t work with me. I am not really writing about parenting. I am not really writing about my life in Europe. What I can and will write about are my daily ramblings.

And that’s why I can’t ever be a professional blogger lol. Cause I am just going to keep writing about my daily lives here – as real as I can.

Not-so-professional blogger,

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