So long 2019 and hello 2020


Wow this blog has been gathering dust (and eating domain plus hosting fee) without me even bothered to write anything here. Hmm.

To be honest, I have been feeling a little bit down lately. With life, with work, with the balance. Even the thoughts of traveling is not that exciting anymore. I don’t know if this is what you call a mid-life crisis – which is kinda a ridiculous name cause you don’t know exactly how many years you have left to call it a ‘mid-life’ crisis. Anyway.

The thoughts of recapping 2019 is… hard. I was trying to find some positives, but they outweigh the negatives, even when the negatives were smaller in numbers. They were so, so painful that I felt like I had spent the most part of 2019 weeping and even crying in my sleep.

Well, I am not going to dedicate one blog post for sappy things (I will save them for my own private journal), so let’s get things moving with the positives (mostly).


We went to visit Prague, Vienna, Munich, and Amsterdam. Of course we burnt our traveling budget that we had saved since last year — but the trips were worth it. And everytime we traveled outside Berlin, we realized how much we miss Berlin haha. Oh the irony.

Went back home

We spent most of July back in Indonesia. I didn’t fancy the 16 hours of flight cause boy the turbulence was enough to keep me wide awake. And we brought two young kids with us. Everytime we experienced a turbulence, I could feel my panic rising and I prayed so hard that my kids didn’t realize that I was frightened to death. The time spent back home was so nice — reconnecting with lots of old friends and I even had my very first JLPT. I blew it of course. But that’s a story for another day.

School registrations

Z will be 6 this year so we spent the latter part of 2019 scouring schools and options. Unfortunately, we can’t rely on public bilingual schools here because the slots are so limited. What we focused on was the bilingual part of the schools so the options were not that many. We managed to get some interviews with some private schools and by now, Z has gotten a place with one of them. We’ll see how the result of the public one goes.

Failing my 2019 reading challenge

Well, perhaps I put my goals too high with so little time. But that’s just an excuse. If I really wanted it, I would make time for it. Sadly, reading has been taking a back seat for quite some years now. Bismillah for a better 2020.

Wake up calls

A lot of wake up calls last year and I felt like these were the big ones that … clogged my heart and brain with so many negative thoughts. Like I said, I won’t write about them cause I was just too exhausted to even remember about them. Being woken up by them was already hard enough, picking myself up and to do something about them were even harder. So that’s that.


Do I have 2020 resolutions? Yes I do. But that’s for my journal only. Till then – hopefully I will have some better and happier news to share. January 2020 has been troubled so far.

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