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Hello! Long time no see — if anyone is still reading this blog, haha.

I originally wanted to write about our trips since last year but of course being a very jumpy person, I decided that I will just write it … later. Like, so much later. Probably when I have nothing else to do and my house is clean and yeah.

Anyway, summer holiday is approaching soon and although I had wanted to look for ticket to Jakarta, the nearer it gets, the lazier I am. The price is just mega expensive and I am also concerned about M having a regression in his speech development with 4 weeks of holiday. I am really worried because well, he’s supposed to enter primary school next year and this year will be the assessment time for him.

But still, I checked ticket price from time to time. Not knowing when to buy or should I even buy them.

While I was checking the ticket, lots of things popping into my mind. I miss Jakarta, but I am also wary of it. The Jakarta that I knew no longer exists and somehow it makes me.. sad. So many memories there and yet I could not relive them. The city had change a lot — but I guess I have no right to talk since I had left the city since 2005. That’s like 17 years ago. If it’s a baby, it’s already legal now.

One of the things that I still remember about my life in Jakarta is my visits to Gramedia Matraman.

I remember being very, very excited every time I went there. I made a mental calculation on how many comics I could buy with my allowance. I listed what I would prioritize with my money. My trips there were mainly for comics, but there’s another section in Gramedia that I always visited – stationery section.

I never bought anything from the stationery section, but for some reasons, it’s becoming a part of my routine. Checking out the cute stationery that I could never buy — or perhaps I could but I chose to spend my money on comics — and imagining how I would use them. It was like an imaginary trip to a stationery land lol.

Now that I am much, much older, I imagine my visit to Gramedia Matraman will be different. My inner child will just keep admiring the stationeries but I will no longer want to buy them. It’s so fascinating how human mindset works. And how 17 years can change you (duh).

The question now, Fanny, will you buy the super expensive plane tickets to give your inner child some happiness?

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