Adulting is hard


First post of 2023 and I am starting it with one of the most depressing title for us millennials :’)

I am pretty sure you all are familiar with how badly we wanted to be an adult when we were kids. No more rules from parents, we can earn our own money, we can go outside without any curfew, etc.

Ah how naive we were. Now that I am in my mid 30s, I am laughing at my younger self. Dear Fanny, why did you even wish to grow?

Anyway, the point of my story is not that. As hard as adulting it is, it’s part of life and I am trying hard to accept it. Underline the word trying. It’s not always successful. Sometimes I made it, sometimes I didn’t. I’d feel down for quite some time and wondering why everything is so difficult. But I would go up again. Thinking that whatever I am facing here on earth is a way to earn His blessings. And I have my family with me. I am good. All good, insya Allah.

Anyway, the point of this random post is just to let you know that however hard it is, just remember your final destination. Your Jannah, insya Allah.


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