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(this post is here cause I just want to keep blogging, but I got nothing really worth to share)

So I’ve been to this cafe two times, and I am … feeling just so-so for their food and cake. But since this place is Halal certified, at least this is someplace to be considered other than Coffee Bean 🙂

First time I came here, it’s because I had some coupons that I bought via qoo10. The coupon is for one pastry and one tea of the day. At that time I visited their Plaza Singapura branch (level 3 of the extension, just outside of Uniqlo), the tea of the day was sort of English Breakfast. I chose doughnut and Husband chose cinnamon roll.

The tea is ok, but I kinda love the pastries. The doughnut is chewy and sweet, while the cinnamon roll is nice as well, albeit a bit of bland and too much of cinnamon.

The cafe concept is just like Coffee Bean. You ordered, paid, and waited at the other end of the cashier for your coffee/tea. There is also a corner where you could get your straw and creamer.

The second visit, I ordered Choco Franilla (what a name!) and New York Cheesecake. Ohh, I love this cheesecake 😀 It wasn’t overly sweet, and not overly sour either. Too bad it’s 6.5 bucks per pieces. So expensive and yet so small. Quite fulfilling though, so I guess… that’s ok?

The Choco Franilla, on the other hand, was pretty blah. It’s so freaking sweet! I guess it’s because it’s chocolate AND vanilla. I should have ordered either one of them.


Overall, it’s quite a good place to just chilling after some shopping. But will I come here just for the cakes and coffee? Perhaps not.

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