Ayam Penyet President + Hot & Roll

My makan series is just getting shorter and shorter lol. Since we only visited one restaurant this weekend, I thought about combining last week’s food and this week’s one. Voila!

#1 – Ayam Penyet President – NEX Serangoon

Went to this restaurant several times as of now, and yet I haven’t written anything about it. Well, for our last visit, these are what we ordered.


Smashed Chicken with Green Chili Sambal – S$ 6.8 (excluding the rice)

Husband said this is just OK. And I agreed with him. The one we had at City Square’s Ayam Penyet was far more delicious.


Grilled Empal – S$ 7.8 (excluding the rice)

THIS ONE IS SO GOOD! The sweetness of the empal was so nice I regretted that I only ordered one plate of rice. If you ordered this, make sure you have at least two plates of rice!

#02 – Hot & Roll – NEX Serangoon

This is a small stall at NEX, located just outside Fair Price Xtra at Level 3. We have ordered several flavors, but their Banana Choco and Peanut Butter remain our favorite!


It’s best if you eat it on the spot, cause the crispiness will be gone if you waited until you get home 😀

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