I should move on

Aran stepped out from her place with some of her friends. And there he was, chatting with his friends.


Aran fell silent. She was hurt. She still remembered how they went separate ways years ago. Without any explanation. No more texts, no more chats, no more… us.

But she walked toward him anyway. If she was going to feel hurt again, it wouldn’t make any difference. She’s already broken.


Fabian swung his head. That voice sounded familiar.

And there she was. The girl she used to trust with everything. The girl she used to love.

“Hey.” He tried to smile.

“What are you doing here?” Aran asked.

“Chilling with friends.” He replied half honestly. It’s true that he was there to meet his old friends, but he was also there hoping he could meet her.

Aran looked at him straight on the eye. Those eyes that she used to look for when she tried to find honesty of a friend.

There were so many things unsaid between them, so many things that she still couldn’t understand.

But then.

They chose to start small.

“I know.” Finally Aran said. I know why are you here. I know you.

“… I won’t go anywhere.” Fabian said.

“I know that too,” Aran told him. “Just promise me, if you are leaving again, let me know.”

Fabian could sense that she was still hurt.

“I will.”




It was 2007. A friend of mine left me without any goodbye or whatsoever. It’s like our 5 years of friendship is nothing. I know that I should move on, but I also know that I need a closure. And I guess I am hoping for it more than ever, hence this dream happened. I hope one day, I can find the answers that I need, so I can move on.

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