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To be honest, January 1 is just another date. It’s nothing special. Time still passes like usual; life keeps moving and doesn’t stop.

But OK, in the spirit of new year, it’s time for me to reflect on 2015 and perhaps have some things to plan in 2016. Honestly, 2015 passed by just like a blink of the eye. Nothing really major nor life-changing happened, so I guess this will be short.


Adapting with a client-facing job

I did a client facing job once for 7 months when I just started working. Now with my current company, I am back to facing client again. But it’s a bit different. We need client yes. But clients also need us. It makes things go better now for me.

And to top it off, I have a very reliable team leader 🙂

Balancing works has been pretty rocky journey for me. But I believe I have been improved. Time management wise, I still need to tweak things. But it’s already on my 2016 plan. Fingers crossed I can improve again 🙂

Balik kampong

We went back to my dad’s and my mother in law’s hometown in August. And we also went to Jakarta to attend one of my closest friends’ wedding.

The balik kampong journey was great but absolutely tiring. And when we were there, both me and my helper got sick. Husband got food poisoning as well.

Worse, Z fell sick and lost his appetite when we got back to Singapore. I think he was too tired from jumping between THREE cities, THREE flights, and bad traffic jams in just one week.

This is not something I am going to do again in the near future. Perhaps when our children are older and easier to take care of. Hopefully.

Our first family holiday to Tokyo

I documented everything here.

We saved quite a lot for this trip and we were so excited to be there! It was both tiring and eventful. We were so happy to be in Tokyo. Husband loves Tokyo a lot and we ended up exploring options to go and work in Tokyo.

I can’t wait to be back there for spring. We are saving again now. Hopefully our plan turns out well.


I just realized I only have three major things in 2015. Oh my, haha. How about 2016 then?


Second child

It’s about time Zal has a little brother/sister. The age gap seems appropriate as well. Hopefully we can have another September baby in the house, insya Allah.

Do better in my job

Better time management, having more characters, and efficiency + effectiveness.

Pass N5 and N4

It has always been my dream to master Japanese language. Hopefully this target works well. I am hoping for at least passing N5.

Exercise and drink more water

I have been ignoring exercising since Zal was born. I don’t know if I can still do daily 4 km jog, but it’s about time I revive my exercise regime.

Read more! Less social media and smartphone!

Does blogging count as social media? Haha.

Social media is kinda evil if you ask me.. And sometimes I think my life would be better off without it. So yes, for a start, I will be less active on Facebook/Path/Twitter. Will still read Feedly for my daily news though.

Will write more this year. Simply because I feel that my written English has been deteriorating a lot. And writing is actually therapeutic. I have been having weird dreams and whenever I have one, writing it down actually makes me feeling better.

As for reading, I am aiming to read at least one book every month. Can be anything from sci-fi or poem or even children book.

Saving for Hajj

I already have a sum ready for initial deposit. Bismillah.

Be a better wife and mother

Continous effort that I hope can be improved. Still trying to be better though. Again, bismillah.

Pray better. Read Al Qur’an more.

I am ashamed that I have been missing Subuh prayer time 🙁 I need to improve. And yes, I want to improve. Bismillah.


Maybe I am being too ambitious with my resolutions? Oh well, hopefully I can look at this list again next year and tick most of them off.

In the meantime, happy holiday everyone! 🙂

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