Arashi; Always


Ohno snuggled a bit hearing his name mentioned. He opened his eyes a bit, and he found a pair of eyes staring at him.

“Sho-kun? What time is it now?”

“It’s.. almost 3 am.”

“Why didn’t you sleep?”

“I.. can’t”

“You can’t?”

Sho shook his head.

Ohno straightened his body. They had just finished the last day of concerts a few hours ago, and Aiba had suggested that they throw a small party with just the five of them.

But they didn’t have a real party because they were pretty much too exhausted. Aiba was the first one to fall asleep, followed by Ohno who had no idea what had happened after he fell asleep.

“Satoshi-kun, have you ever thought about the future?” his voice getting softer.


“Yeah.. like, marriage, kids, or… if we’re not with Arashi anymore.. those kind of things..”

Ohno blinked and fell silent for a while.

“Marriage, yes. Kids… maybe no…,” he answered slowly. “But, I never seriously think about the last thing..”

“Why?” Sho looked puzzled.

Ohno didn’t answer for a while. “Because…,” he tried to find the right words. “It doesn’t matter too much for me, whether we’re in Arashi or not..”

“Why?” Sho asked again.

“What matters the most is that we’re together, I think..,” he scratched the back of his head. “And that.. I think will always be like that..”

Sho smiled a little. “Always?”

“I think so. We can always ask Aiba-chan to make a small gathering every week later.”

“Every week?” Sho chuckled.

“Okay, maybe once every month….”

“Like having a barbeque?”


“Aiba-chan will love it.”



And Sho just realized that the older man had already fallen asleep… again.

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