Glad to see you again

“…is this really his house?” Daren asked Aran in disbelief.

Aran couldn’t answer. She was speechless as well. The house in front of them looked… unlike a house.

Did we come to the wrong address? Aran asked herself.

She pulled out a paper from her coat jacket: Tim’s address from Monica. She double checked the address of the house in front of her with what is written there.

It’s correct. There was no mistake.


This can’t be true! Aran screamed inside again.

Tim that she knew won’t live in this kind of place. A very dirty and unclean place. He’s a city boy from a very rich family. This is just a joke, she thought.

“Shall we go inside?” Daren suggested. “Come on, E.”

E – Aran and Daren’s 1 year old boy – followed his dad’s footsteps. The boy just learned to walk and he’s still unsure with his steps.

Aran followed them behind. Daren knocked the door three times.

There were some sounds behind the door, and then slowly, the door was opened. A woman opened it.

And Aran wanted to cry.

“Is this Tim’s house?” Aran asked.

The woman in front of her nodded slowly.

“Is he at home?”

She shrugged.

“Can we come in?”

She looked hesitant to answer.

“We are Tim’s .. friend. We know him since university,” Daren chipped in. And Aran could sense a hint of anger when he mentioned ‘friend’.

Because they weren’t friend. Since long time ago.

The woman still looked hesitant, but then she allowed three of them to enter.

Aran couldn’t believe his eyes. This is not a house, she told myself again. There was a mess everywhere.

And then she saw them. Three little kids. Tim’s children.

Oh, God. Aran really wanted to cry. What happened with them?

The kids looked so malnourished. They looked so dirty and unwashed. The clothes they were wearing had holes at a lot of places. Their hairs looked like they were never combed.

Even Daren fell silent and unconsciously hugged E.

The three kids looked at them silently. They stood near their mother, but no one really said anything.


note: Another weird dream after a long time. I had a friend that once I was close with (same theme again), but we aren’t now due to some unexplainable reasons. To be honest, I am ok with not seeing him again. But I don’t know why – the dream last night was so vivid I kinda wonder how he’s doing now.

Hope he’s doing OK.

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