Eid Mubarak!

Hello everyone!


Alhamdulillah, this year we were able to do Eid prayer. There was a prayer venue at Hougang Stadium which is only two stops away from our place and it started quite late so we didn’t need to leave so early in the morning (we love mornings, but Zal doesn’t).


There were not many people attending Eid prayer at this venue. Perhaps because it was the venue’s first time.


Zal was quite reluctant to be there since the place was new to him. While we were praying, he didn’t wander too far as he usually does.


The surprise came when we were walking home. There was a makcik approaching Zal and suddenly gave him… 5 bucks! His first duit Raya!

Pretty sure he didn’t understand what money is and what he can do with it, but he treasured the money so much he kept holding it until we reached home. We were so touched with makcik’s kindness 🙂


Of course I had to have a wefie with him :p

Then we went back home, ate another serving of opor ayam and lontong, called our families back home, and then…

…. went to have more sleep. LOL.

After we woke up, we did some grocery shopping and had another eating out at NEX.


Man, I think we are just old indeed haha. How could we spend our precious public holiday lazying around the house?

But it’s okay, I guess. We really need some rest anyway before going back to work tomorrow (yes, we only have one day off).

Have a blessed Eid to our Muslim brothers and sisters! 🙂

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