You are a couple?

“Come on, you. I don’t believe a handsome guy like you don’t have a girlfriend yet!”

Sally teased him again. I could only smile from behind. If only she knew..

“Well, I do have a girlfriend.” He flashed his megawatt smile. A smile that always makes me falling in love.

Sally’s jaw dropped. “Are you freaking kidding me?! Who is that lucky girl?!”

I approached him from behind and gave him a back hug.

“What the—” Sally’s sentence stopped mid way. I just smiled at her being shock.

“I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT!” she exclaimed again. “I knew that there’s something fishy about you guys!”

He smiled even wider. And planted a kiss on my cheek.

I was so in love. He was my universe.


Note: After few months of break, I finally had another weird dream. But this one left so many feelings when I woke up.. It came right when I needed it the most. When all I wanted was just to have my sweet memories back – to give me some comfort.

(Oh, and before anyone thought about anything else – the guy in this dream is my husband. And I am the girl.)

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