Out of your comfort zone

Husband had a very eye-opening chat with one of our seniors. And I have to say I felt really really thankful for that 🙂

We are nearing our thirties with two kids in a tow – and yet we are still quite unsure on where to go next. Sure, we have a very good life here in Singapore. I won’t say we’re rich, but we are content with what we have. But sometimes, we wonder.. if we can go somewhere else and letting go all the comfortable things we have here.


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The money

Singapore’s tax is not as high as Indonesia’s nor any other countries. Sure, we got our salary deducted every month for our CPF contributions – but it’s still ours and we can have it back someday.

The pay check is quite good for our experience level – especially Husband’s. And this is not something that we can easily get in other countries – not even back home.

Close proximity to our hometown

It’s definitely easier for our families to come visit us or for us to go back home once in a while. Singapore that was once viewed as expensive destination is now a place that can be easily visited. No more fiscal and plane tickets are cheap.

Halal food and mosques

We are so blessed and fortunate here in Singapore. Halal food and restaurants with Halal certification are aplenty. We never really have any issue finding Halal food when we are out. If we want to eat home-cooked food, halal meat and chicken are also available easily in the market nearby. I remember when I was in Tokyo, I needed to travel quite far just to stock up on halal chicken and meat.

The Muslim community here is also quite strong. If we are thirsty for Islamic classes, we can just pick any mosque or even check on MUIS website if there is any classes held by them. Praying and celebrating Eid are also things that are so common here and even celebrated as public holidays.

Strong Indonesian Muslim community

I have been living in Singapore for close to 12 years. I practically has spent almost half of my life here. Most of my close friends – logically – are here as well. It’s going to be hard to not having them around. In some occasions, they have been our pillars of supports.


Letting those things go means that we are completely out of our comfort zone. There will never be time when we are ready to do that – but at some point of our lives, we have to. As comfortable as Singapore is, it’s still not our real home.

We really need to think this through.

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