Top 5 Concerts That I Want To Go To

…or rather, top 5 artists whose concert I really want to go to!

I am always one for live concert, provided that I love the artists though. And out of all singers I love, these are the ones that I am dying to see in person.



When I first knew her, I thought she is Japanese! Come on, who can blame me if she sang this song flawlessly?

Since I had access to 24/7 internet back in 2005, I started to follow her career religiously, and I am always so jealous seeing clips from her concerts. She always looked so alive on stage! She danced and sang at the same time and her vocals were so stable!

But too bad she never came to Singapore other than this short stint at MTV Asia Award back in 2004 🙁

To be honest, I prefer her Japanese songs more than his Korean ones. So I am wishing that when she came to Singapore (fingers crossed! fingers crossed), she will perform songs from her Japanese albums.




Caps lock is needed, really. I never loved any Indonesian boyband like I love Kahitna. Their songs are timeless, and I could see my children singing to their love songs (of course when their age is appropriate for that!) in the future.

Kahitna always scores with their simplicity. Their lyrics are so simple yet so poetic it could pull your heartstrings instantly.

If I heard ‘Cerita Cinta’, my mind went to those sweet puppy love stories. When ‘Setahun Kemarin’ is being played, I went to nostalgic mode. Each of their songs has stories. And those stories relate to us.

It’s always been my dream to see them live. For now, this Youtube videos would do.

Can they come to Singapore just once, please?


Boyz II Men

If you haven’t guessed until now, I am a big fan of boyband with great vocals (and that’s why BSB will always be my choice than NSYNC, imo).

Boyz II Men is like the epitome of great vocal group. And for that reason only, they deserve to be in this list. It’s a pity that I would never see them in 4-person formation anymore since their split 🙁

Just hear those beautiful voices and the harmonies!


Utada Hikaru

When I first discovered J-pop songs, Utada Hikaru was the only J-pop artist that I really liked (until I ventured to other genre). I fell in love with ‘First Love’, but the song that drew me in was ‘Distance’, and of course the hauntingly beautiful ‘Final Distance’.

Although her releases were spare, but she keeps releasing songs that really suit my palate. Take for example, the ‘Flavor of Love’, or this amazing piece named ‘Beautiful World’.

It’s near impossible for her to have a concert here in Singapore, since she’s been busy with her newborn baby and she’s on hiatus from music as well, but hey, a fan can hope, right? 🙂



OK. For you who knows me really well, knows that I have this unquestionable love for boybands, one of them is BLUE. I’ve loved them ever since they released their first album; when I was just a little kid with limited money who somehow managed to save enough so I could buy their albums.

Long story short, if they ever had a full concert (not like the one they did in ION or that joint concert with A1!) in Singapore, I would definitely come and I would pay for the front row seats.

ALL RISE, nuff said.

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