I need to escape

It really feels that way for Arianne.

That afternoon, she decided to just take a stroll and met Pierre. They were always on flirting mode, and Arianne would always tell herself that they can’t move further than that. She has Yongie, her loving boyfriend that she knows she is going to marry someday.

But that afternoon everything felt different.

Pierre was in his sweetest mode, and his gaze melted Arianne’s heart. They took a walk together and in between, there were sweet kisses planted on Arianne’s nose and cheeks. Pierre held her hand, and Arianne felt like she’s the most loved girl in the world.

“Arianne, please stay,” that’s what Pierre said when Arianne needed to go. And for the first time ever, Arianne felt like she indeed wanted to stay with Pierre. But… Yongie…?

Yongie is not the sweetest guy around. But Arianne knows that she loves him. Yongie is never a sweet talker either. He’s quiet, reserved, but Arianne knows that he lover her as well.

“I … don’t know,” finally Arianne replied Pierre.

“Arianne, you know I will make you happy.”

“I… know. But, I love Yongie.”

And right there and then, Arianne felt a sudden urge to see Yongie.

“I gotta go.”

Arianne let Pierre’s hands go, and she half ran.


She didn’t know how long she had run. But just like God listened to her heart, Yongie appeared just right at the corner. Arianne practically leapt onto Yongie’s arm.


That guy usually had the warmest smile she ever seen, but that time.. he didn’t even smile at all. And his embrace felt a bit cold for Arianne.

“Yongie?” Arianne let the embrace go a little bit, and what he saw on Yongie’s face was clearly a mix of sadness and disappointment.

“Arianne,” Yongie started. “I saw what happened.”

Arianne froze.

“I have always knew about you and Pierre all this time, and I always thought you would always choose me…but I really need you to make up your mind now.”

Arianne fell silent. Yongie was right. She can’t be swayed between two guys anymore.

Pierre with his sweet words, gestures, and promises to make her the happiest girl in the world.

Yongie that has always been her shoulder to cry on, her pillars when anything gets rough.



This story has no ending. Because this came from my very own vivid dream. I woke up before the scenes finished, and I was so upset that I couldn’t get to know the end of this story; Hence, I decided to note this down. Maybe one day I got to see how this drama ended.

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