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My skin has been really bad for the past few years. My acne scars are so hard to get rid off and they take a long time to be healed. I think I have tried almost everything that I could think of. Few months ago I stumbled onto this cream called Hiruscar and it was pretty effective! My acne scar diminished quite fast with constant use.

Until I discovered I was pregnant back in March – I was pretty worried cause almost all whitening cream has some sort of chemical ingredients which are not good for babies. So I stopped Hiruscar and decided I may need to live with this scar for few years 🙁

But last month I had enough of staring at my reflections and feeling angry at my scars. They are so freaking annoying and sometimes making me hate myself. I needed to do something. So I started looking at treatment series that work for pregnant mothers – which means all natural.

I googled and read a lot of reviews and I stumbled upon… Bodyshop Tea Tree series! Of course the treatment will take time to have some effect (months!) because it’s all natural ingredients. But I don’t mind – at least I am doing something!

Here are some of the products from the series that I have tried.

Skin Clearing Facial Wash


I love love this one. It’s really refreshing on my skin. I have been repurchasing it cause I feel that it works for my face

Skin Clearing Facial Toner 


This is also good! I love how it compliments the Facial Wash.

Mattifying Lotion


For day use. It’s too oily for my liking – and because I sweat easily sometimes I feel that this lotion fades easily as well after 30 mins after applied to my face. But it is giving me good result as well.

Night Lotion


The hardest to apply cause sometimes I am just too tired at night. So far I haven’t really felt like it is doing something – despite being the most expensive in the series. But maybe it’s because my laziness.



I am pretty satisfied with the series so far – it is slow yes, but at least it doesn’t cause any more break out on my skin. And knowing that it’s safe to be used by pregnant (and nursing) mothers is another plus thing for me.

The cons are that it’s pretty expensive. Small bottle of night lotion can easily cost you almost 30 sgd. Not to mention that it’s really small. The bottle is not clear as well so you won’t know if you are going to need to replenish soon.

I have been using this series for almost 4 months now and it has been ok.

Will I stay with this series later on when my acne scars are gone?

I don’t think so. I am thinking to switch to their Vitamin E series or Drops of Youth (which is even more expensive!). We shall see.

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